Monday, November 26, 2012

Next Time, Oh Next Time

As we were running out the door, Ben broke the news to me: "Um. We're out of diapers.  Looks like you'll have to hit up the store once you drop me off."

I glared at him.


Typically, while at the store, I place the kids in the cart to save my sanity; however, we were at Aldi, which requires a refundable deposit of a quarter to even take a cart, and since all the quarters that we have - or at least those not "found" by Emily and placed into her collection - are put toward our laundry fund, I didn't have any to use.  (I suppose I could have chosen another store to pick up diapers, but I'm cheap.)  And besides, it couldn't be that bad (or so I told myself).  So when we pulled up to the store, I turned around to give the kids a pep talk.

"Okay guys, we're going to make this a painless shopping trip.  We just need diapers."

Emily piped up, "and you'll give us a treat if we're good!"

"Uh, sure. If you stick next to me.  Are we ready!"

"NOOOOOOO I don't want to go!" Andrew yelled.

"Wahhheeee!" Amelia screamed from her car seat.  Happily or sadly, I couldn't decipher.

"I am!"  Emily declared.

I put Amelia in the Moby Wrap and off we set; into the enemy's territory.

"Okay.  Remember to stick close to me annnn...."

"CHOCOLATE!" They screamed.

Andrew grabbed a handful and took off down the aisle while Emily stuffed as many chocolate bars as she could down her shirt.  I chased after Andrew, catching him only after he became distracted by a bag of chips, and  brought him back to where his sister was standing, still trying to hide the chocolate bars from me.  I convinced them into putting the candy back with a promise of one candy bar upon exit from the store.

With their hands firmly in mine, we continued.  That is, until Andrew collapsed into a sobbing, screaming mess, "Stop it! Stop holding my hand! I wanna run!"  We were only two aisles away from the diapers.

Emily: "Mommy look at this!"
Andrew: "Mommy look at this!"
Emily: "Mommy look at this!"
Andrew: "Mommy look at this!"

***** 10 Minutes Later at the Check-Out Stand *****

While I was busy loading the diapers and other random stuff I had grabbed in an effort to leave the store in one piece, Andrew ran under my legs and Emily squeezed past me. In a moment of desperation, I started pleading with them:  "Guys. Please. Just. Stay next to me.  Please. I HAVE TREATS!"

Finally, with their faces stuffed with chocolate, we left the store with about 10 items I didn't need and 0 motivation or energy to do anything else for the rest of the day.


  1. Sounds a bit like my story today with the kids at the Dollar Store. I just needed one light bulb for the fridge and all the carts were taken. Fill in the rest....... ;)

  2. Yeah...I always regret not having a cart or having Olivia's stroller. Damn...just diapers!

  3. I have come to the conclusion, through 20 months of careful study, that there is no such thing as a quick trip to the store with three kids in tow. If it's not a meltdown, it's a diaper blow-out. It's just always something, huh?

    Lovely to see you here, my dear, in your new home. xo

  4. Cruel store charging for carts! Glad you made it out with everyone AND diapers.

    After one particularly harrowing trip to buy a few necessities, I realized I didn't get any milk. And I had to turn around and head back in.