Monday, May 6, 2013

Breastfeeding Is the Perfect Storm

I always imagined breastfeeding would be like how my friends and family described it: a great bonding experience with my baby. I could use those quiet moments to snuggle and and really enjoy my baby.  It serves me right for believing in such myths.

Miss A, my baby, is a wonderful nurser.  Unfortunately, breastfeeding is anything but relaxing.  It seems that her brother and sister interpret those few minutes I'm feeding her as the perfect time to act out.  Whether it's running outside naked, escaping to our neighbor's house, and/or throwing and breaking various sized glass cups, E and A use those 10 minutes well.

Perhaps if I could lock them in their rooms, I could get that peaceful bonding experience people talk about.  But I don't believe in locking my kids in their rooms so, instead, I watch as they systematically destroy the house while giggling profusely.  I believe they see breastfeeding for what it truly is - the one time that mom is basically immobile and can only repeatedly ask beg that they sit down and read a story.  In other words, the perfect time to implement their well-designed plans.

But to be perfectly honest, I'll probably breastfeed Miss A until she's 4; thus becoming one of those moms. Fair warning, y'all.