Friday, December 21, 2012

Cyber High Fives

1. When Emily wakes up in the morning, she wakes up as loud as she can. After pouring herself a bowl of cereal, she walks into the room and says, "I'M AWAKE WHY AREN'T YOU?" Since our room is co-sleeping central, she wakes everyone up.  Whether they'd like to be awake or not.  Cue grumpy children.

2. Speaking of co-sleeping, our little 2 bedroom apartment was recently converted into a one bedroom apartment since the kids refuse to sleep in their room.  Their room is now a toy sanctuary where all the broken toys lay in wait for me to walk across the floor before appearing again.  Our room, on the other hand, is anything but a sanctuary.  And that's why we're moving.  ASAP.  Because I need sleep.

3. Where are we moving? Well.  Instead of celebrating Christmas, we decided to buy a house.  I'd say that's the best gift we could give our family.  And it's full of other little gifts for me - washer and dryer, dishwasher, big backyard, big kitchen, etc.  (Can something that makes chores easier really be a gift?)

4.  I ran out of food this week.  Like no milk, bread, or anything edible that my kids would actually eat.  As life would have it, this is also when our car broke down.  I called a friend and asked begged her for a ride to the store. I bet she was quite entertained with my grocery choices. If my kids and I only eat donuts, cookies, and chips for the rest of the month, will that cancel out the rest of our typically healthy fare?

5. I have an addiction to baby Amelia.  I can't stop kissing and snuggling her.  This baby stage? The easiest ever.

Happy holidays, friends!