Thursday, November 22, 2012

Memories I Will Laugh About Later (#1)

You know that adage, you'll laugh about it later?  Well, I'm placing all my faith into that statement.  To help things, I've decided to write about the tough stuff to remind my future self of how funny things were at this time. Enjoy. (This happened several weeks ago and, yes, I am laughing about it now!)

Remember going to your 6-week check-up with all three kids? BY YOURSELF? In that office, Andrew climbed up on the sink, multiple times, and emptied the glove box, the tissue box, and the paper towels all over the floor while you attempted to keep a very fussy Amelia calm through breast-feeding.   The nurse remarked, "You brave woman, three kids and so calm." You laughed because your blood pressure showed otherwise with its high - for you - numbers. I think your brain has suppressed the rest of the visit, so I'll spare you the details.

That was funny.

And the rest of the day, you remember that?  Ben was working a long day (from 9 am until 10 pm) and you were optimistic that things would be okay.  I mean, what could happen right?

You soon ate those words.

While you were in the kitchen making dinner, Andrew found and spilled almost all the salt out of the big container, dumped water all over the floor, and woke up Amelia.  Amelia proceeded to scream as you tried to finish dinner with tears streaming down your face.  It's no wonder that you burned the dinner, twice, and somehow spilled paint (which fell from the top of the fridge, don't ask) all over yourself and Amelia.

Yeah, that was funny.

To top it all off, while putting them in the bath (and hoping for some sanity), Andrew pooped in the bathtub.  Emily woke up Amelia, again. You cleaned up Andrew's poop with Amelia in your arms and dishearteningly listened as Andrew and Emily took out every toy in their room.


When you finally put the kids in bed, you realized why your left boob was hurting so bad, and why you were starting to feel sick: a clogged milk duct.


You continued cleaning the kitchen while trying to ignore the kids that were coming in and out of their rooms.  You seriously considered installing bars on their doors until you realized how complicated that would get.  So you sat down with a box of ice cream instead.

Oh, what a funny day.

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