Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood, Unless You're Sitting In My Living Room

Yesterday was election day here in the U.S of A. Being the intelligent person I am, I gathered all the kids in the car so they could participate in the process by standing in an hour-long line with me. To enhance the experience, I forgot the Halloween candy and interrupted their nap time.

As awesome as that experience was (envision my 2 oldest running and screaming in the tiny, crowded voting station and you’ll get the idea), it did not compare to the masterful mess my kids created in the living room that morning.

They followed an airtight recipe:

  • Two boxes of Legos 
  • A package of Saltines crackers 
  • A bag of dried Cheerios 
  • 16 oz. of spilled water 
  • 1 container of dress-up clothes 
  • 1 container of dolls and stuffed animals 
Which resulted in this:

The mess was epic people.  EPIC. (Sadly the photo does not do it justice.)  Which is why I will be spending my morning cleaning and singing Snow White’s “Whistle While You Work.”

Alright friends, spill it. What is the best (worst?) mess made by your kid(s)?

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