Friday, February 8, 2013

Use Stress Wisely

Weight loss is always an important topic.  I know since having Amelia I've thought often about actively losing the postpartum weight (chocolate *always* seemed more important at the time).  This time around, though, I decided to try a different route that doesn't include dietary change or exercise.  I chose stress.

Before I was married, I spent my free time eating when my anxiety went out the roof and stress continued to build. Not very conducive for weight loss goals.  Now that I have kids, I'm confused by the term "free-time." Pretty sure it only exists in the fantasy novels I enjoy.

A month ago, with school starting soon, I decided that my wardrobe (maternity jeans and a bleach stained pair of pants) was in desperate need of updating. So I went pants shopping.  Being in between sizes, I chose a couple pairs of each size and figured my body would figure out which direction it wanted to go over the next few months. 

That was before I started the Stress Diet. Before I knew it, I had dropped 2 pants sizes in 3 weeks. 

In adulthood, one must always expect the unexpected or you'll find yourself in the really awkward situations. Like walking home from a park with 3 screaming children and no stroller (because the park is only a block away from your house!), alternating between picking up your toddler, walking 5 feet, putting him down to pull up your pants, picking him up again and repeating the process until you get home, covered in sweat and cursing your now defunct pants.  

I think I need a belt.  

Any belt buying tips? (Seriously.  I've never bought a belt before.)


  1. Just wrap it around your waist and see what fits.

  2. I'm stressed, so I eat. It's, like, a law of physics or something. =>

  3. Unfortunately I HAVE to exercise--stress doesn't yield me the same results. Take care!