Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Year in Review Using Six Probably Unrelated Words

January: Hospital; Soda; Snow; Ultrasounds; The Office

February: Zumba; Interviews; Crackers; Cuddly Kids; Flutters

March: Packing; Unpacking; Moving; Driving; Laughing; Crying

April: Homework; Stairs; Laundry; Plays; Birthday

May: Training; Baseball; Binky; Walks; Graduate School

June: Existential Crisis; Decisions; Bed Rest; Medications

July: Pre-term Contractions; Heat; Baby; Anniversary; Happiness

August: Family; Fourth Birthday; Tears; Healing; Adoration

September: Colic; The Mentalist; Chocolate; Naps; Joy

October: Frustration; Exhaustion; Chaos; Halloween; Books; Hope

November: Third Birthday; New Friends; Smiles; Thanksgiving

December: Houses; Traditions; Milestones; Changes; Downton Abbey


  1. Love this! Happy New Year Amber. Wishing you and yours light, happiness, and love.