Thursday, January 24, 2013


On par with the whole New Year's resolutions thing, I've started a new diet.  But I'm having trouble deciding between two equally important breakfasts:
 or Girl holding 10 pound chocolate bar

I think I'll choose them both. Between school starting, house buying, and children waking up at night, I need a breakfast of champions.

Speaking of my children (because obviously we were), Baby A is mobile! I only found out because she rolled off the couch while I was changing her diaper.  Parenting win!

Since we're on the topic of winning (and since I have amazing writing skills), my first day of school went super well.  I even rode the bus for the first time! I felt like such a big girl. I also managed to miss the bus after class.  This allowed me to catch up on my exercise goals for the year by walking  2 miles in my heels.

Now that life has gotten easier, I've decided to devote more time to blogging.  No time like major life transitions to make big and almost impossible to keep goals, right?

So. Tell me. How has your week been?

*Images courtesy of Heavy Chocolate website and Dr. Pepper.


  1. Sick kid home from school. Finally gets cleared to return to school and it's closed thanks to a dusting of snow and wimpy school officials.

    I've also realized that she has not had a full week of school for a variety of reasons since Mid-October, the last time all of us that live in this house were all healthy at the same time.

    I might not make it till spring....

  2. Diet Coke is my lifeblood. Raising my can to yours! Cheers!

  3. I've decided a(t least one) can of Dt. Dr Pepper is the only way I can make it through my busy day. I'll stop when my life slows down. So maybe 20 or 30 years...

  4. Hilarious.

    I gave up on resolving this year. I'm tired of feeling inadequate. I'll do more and less of exactly what I want, I've decided.

    And it feels really good to be a month into "whatever the hell I want."

    Of course, next year as I reevaluate exercise and nutrition and the ways I spend time, there are going to be twice as many resolutions. But for now...

  5. I don't think now is a good time to eliminate those from your day!!!